Mattress Financing

Are you looking for mattress financing in Mount Pleasant or Charleston? You've come to the right place!

When folks are looking to finance a mattress purchase, there are generally one of a few factors involved...

On this page, we're going to go through each of them for you and give you the best Mount Pleasant mattress stores for mattress and bedding financing in the lowcountry area. Sound good? Let's get started!

Why Financing Mattresses Is Popular

The most common reasons families finance their new beds or mattresses is to save money in the short term. Financing frees up money to spend on other things that may be more important to have right now, while still giving you the ability to buy your new bed.

Types of Mattress Financing

Like most purchasing decisions, you have many options for mattress financing. Remember: always remember to read the "fine print" before signing on the dotted like. Because when it comes to mattress companies and consumer financing, you can easily end up paying double or triple for your mattress over time if the financing terms are not fair.

No Money Down

Offers of "No Money Down" mean that you don't need to pay any type of deposit or payment to take the mattress home with you. If you can find an offer like this and the terms are worthwhile to you, "No Money Down" is the financing option that will require the least capital investment up front. When going with "No Money Down," it means you'll may the full price of the bed over time (plus interest on top of that price, if applicable).

No Interest

Any financing options labeled with "No Interest" should be examined carefully because it is such a fantastic offer-- there must be a catch! Beware that many institutions will offer a deal without interest for a certain amount of time, but if you do not pay in full before the time limit is up, your interest rates will skyrocket. Although rare, we have seem some mattress manufacturers offer gimmick-free "no interest" financing for customer with strong credit.

No Interest for First 6 Months

Mentioned above, the "no interest for the first 6 months", or for any set time period is an attractive way for mattress shops to lure customers into a deal that they may not be able to pay before the "high interest" payments begin. However, if you know you will be able to pay off your mattress purchase before the "no interest" period expires, then this choice may be a good one for you. It will allow you to keep more money in your pocket while not payin much more for your bed over time!

Financing Mattresses With No Credit

If you have no credit but need to finance something, you may run into trouble. Fortunately for you however, many of the "big box" mattress firms do offer financing for customers with no credit at all. Just beware of interest rates.

Financing With Low Credit

Much like having no credit at all, having low credit could be detrimental to obtaining mattress financing. Keep an eye out for "low credit" options from national mattress chains if you have lower credit and need to financing your bed purchase.

Consumer-Friendly Mattress Financing

Over the last few years, many 'consumer friendly' online financing services have popped up. These services offer soft credit checks, instant approval (or denial) and competitive rates that are sometimes interest-free. However, you have to buy online.

What To Look For When Financing Your Mattress

Financing is a lengthly legal and financing topic that we could go on about for many days and nights. But to keep things simple, experts suggest looking for these features in a mattress financing program:

  • Flexible payments
  • Instant-approval
  • Fair, easily understood terms
  • Simple application process
  • Affordable interest rates that don't mean you'll be paying triple for your bed over time.