Which Mattress Type Is Best For Me?

The type of mattress you need will vary greatly depending on your body, age, and desired feel. Taking all three factors (plus the ones below) is important when choosing which mattress to buy in Mount Pleasant, Charleston, or anywhere else in the United States. The Mount Pleasant Mattress team suggests you consider 4 main factors when visiting mattress stores or buying your bed online. We've listed them in the four boxes below for your convenience.


Extremely cheap mattresses are easy to come by, as are expensive beds that are more of a long-term investment. Decide on a budget before you start shopping locally.


An extra firm mattress or isn't going to be best for everything, and neither will an extra soft bed. Medium firmness is most popular, but only you can know which feel you prefer.


Nobody likes a bed where you sink in to and can hardly get up! Support helps give you a consistent night's sleep. Mattresses have different levels of support.


If you care about a non-toxic mattress, you'll want to stay away from most memory foam options. But if you don't care, you're free to choose whatever you'd like!

Best Mattress Options In South Carolina

latex mattress by sleeping organic
An organic latex mattress by Sleeping Organic (who are located in Mount Pleasant, SC)

Latex Mattress

Completely natural and free of toxic chemicals that other beds are known for, latex mattresses are our top choice for South Carolina and the Lowcountry for a few important reasons; customizable comfort, support, durability, and a cool-feeling sleep that doesn't get too hot! And like any mattress type, you'll need a great mattress foundation to get the most out of a latex mattress.

The 100% Natural Mattress Choice


Latex mattresses are amongst the best mattress options for resident of Mount Pleasant for a few reasons: 

They sleep cool: in the summer Charleston heat, you won't have to worry as much about waking up in a pile of sweat like you would with a memory foam mattress. 

They're 100% natural: if you eat organic and non-toxic materials are important to you, then latex beds are highly recommended. Some latex foam is 100% organic, while other foams contain chemicals and fillers (note: do your research!).

They're highly customizable: latex comes in many different firmnesses, so when you make a mattress from one, many suppliers allow you to personalize how soft or firm you want the bed to be.


One negative to latex bedding is that some people are allergic. If you have an actual latex allergy, then you will definitely not want a latex mattress! However, if you're only allergic to latex "sometimes" then you may only be allergic to synthetic latex because of the chemicals and fillers use.

The other consideration is price. Latex mattresses are a premium option so they're not as cheap to buy as a coil bed or low-cost memory foam mattress. However, because they can last 15-20 years, you need to do the math out... During that time you may buy 3 memory foam-style mattresses, which will add up to more money than buying a latex mattress! 


As mentioned in the downsides tab, latex mattresses are not the most affordable mattress available today. Depending on the bed's height, firmness, and size, pricing can range from the upper $100's ($700-$900) for a twin size, to the $2,000-$3,000 range for a premium organic latex mattress in a king or California king size bed.

Fortunately, many regional stores in the Charleston area offer mattress financing to make buying better mattresses more affordable to the average consumer.

Top Brands

A Google search for "latex mattress" will come up with hundreds of options, but one brand who sells locally and online is Sleeping Organic. They make their mattresses here locally from 100% natural and organic latex. And since their local showroom is located on Coleman Boulevard right here in Mount Pleasant, they're one of the best Charleston mattress stores to choose from, especially if you want a non-toxic and personalized bed.

memory foam mattress mt pleasant
Memory foam mattress by Tulo

Memory Foam Mattress

Unlike mattresses of the past, memory foam mattresses consist of one solid layer of material, often wrapped in a cover made from cotton or another comparable fabric. Memory foam bedding is popular because it's generally low priced, and provides a soft, more comfortable sleep than inexpensive coil mattresses.

Affordable Bed Type With Many Different Styles


Memory foam mattresses are much more comfortable than mattresses of the past, making them a popular option for sleepers looking for a plush, comfortable feeling bed. When compared to a mattress with coils inside, the difference is night and day. 

Because a memory foam mattress doesn't have coils inside, there are no pressure points that can cause pain on your back or side when you wake up in the morning. And because there are so many companies manufacturing memory foam style mattresses, there are countless firmness options to choose from. 


There are two primary cons of owning a memory foam mattress:

The first is lifespan. If you're wondering how long a memory foam bed will last, then you may be a bit disappointed. Depending on the material and quality, they may only last 5 years in good condition before they start to deteriorate. When this happens, the foam material will break down and become uneven, which causes pressure points while you sleep. The end result can be lots of aches and pains. 

The second big downside to memory-foam mattresses is the material used to construct the bed. It's often a "polyfoam", which contains lots of chemicals that can seep in the bedroom while you sleep. These polyfoams aren't very breathable either, meaning you will "sleep hot." A hot bed, especially in South Carolina, will make for an uncomfortable sleep during Spring and Summer months. 


How much does a memory foam mattress cost?

Pricing for mattresses with memory foam can range from a few hundred dollars, to thousands and thousands of dollars when you consider buying an expensive name-brand like Tempurpedic. 

Top Brands

Many online retailers like Casper and Leesa use a memory foam hybrid to make their popular mattresses, so those are worth checking of before purchasing locally in Mount Pleasant. 

If you want to buy from a Mount Pleasant bedding supplier, you can stop by any one of the big-brand companies to try out popular brands like Tempurpedic.

plush perfect sleeper pillow top mattress by serta sleep
A Plush "Perfect Sleeper" Elite Mattress by Serta

Pillow Top Mattress

Pillow-tops are mattresses that have a soft layer on top of a firmer layer, which gives the bed a plush feeling when you lay on it. The materials used underneath the "pillow top" layer range from memory foam, latex, and most commonly a traditional coil mattress.

The Pillow Top Mattress; Coil Bedding With Plush Padding


When compared to a standard coil mattress, the biggest benefit of pillow-top mattresses is that the bed is softer. This is especially important for sleepers with aches and pains.

If the pillow layer is made up of a breathable material like organic wool or natural latex, another benefit to pillow top beds are that they can be cooler than other types. 


Pillow-top mattresses aren't necessarily a type of mattress, but are a feature of many popular mattress types. This however, doesn't stop people from using the "pillow top mattress" as a category of beds.

When you hear someone refer to something as a pillow top mattress, they're generally referring to a plush top to a traditional coil mattress.  inferior to latex beds and other bedding higher on this list. 

Though these beds are comfortable when you first buy them, they can deteriorate quickly and if there is a coil mattress underneath, then you'll feel pressure points from the coils as you sleep. Additionally, pillow top mattresses don't always provide enough support for non-side sleepers.


Mattress companies big and small have glorified the pillow-top mattress as one of the best types of bedding on the market. Because of this, pricing is often higher than it should be.

So if you want a "cloud-like" feel to your new bed, it may be more cost efficient to buy a cheap coil mattress then purchase a luxury mattress topper to go on top of it. This way, you'll get an even better plush feel at a lower price point.

Top Brands

All the popular local mattress stores you'll find in both Charleston and Mount Pleasant, South Carolina sell pillow top style mattresses. is also a good place to find a highly-rated model.

air bed by sound asleep
An air bed by Sound Asleep

Air Mattress

We're including the air mattress on our list because they're a good piece of bedding to have for surprise visitors, or if you travel and the place you're staying doesn't have a bed for you to sleep in. And with this being said, many air mattresses these days are more comfortable than coil beds and most sleep cooler than memory foam mattresses, making them a strong mattress option for folks living in Charleston, SC and the Lowcountry.

Temporary Bedding Solution


It may seem funny to see us recommending air mattresses as a great Charleston-area mattress, but they're much more than just a good mattress to bring with you when you travel...

Air mattresses are true space-savers, which help you make the most out of a small bedroom or living space. If you live in a small apartment or even a studio-sized space, then a luxury air mattress could be a great fit for you.


Just like other bedding, there are pros and cons to sleeping on an air mattress. The most important is support! Airbeds can sometimes deflate during the night, which makes the structure of the bed different than it was when you fell asleep. This isn't as big of a problem with newer models, but if your air-bed is old, then you may wake up feeling hurt from sleeping at an awkward angle. 

Another downside to air mattresses-- similar to why we don't love memory foam-- is the chemicals used in the materials used to construct the beds. They're often a blend of plastics, that can be harmful to some humans. Make sure to research the materials before purchasing any air beds online or locally in Charleston, SC.


How much an air mattress costs is one of the biggest upsides to owning and sleeping on one. They're cheap, and widely available from stores like Target and Walmart. 

Even the more premium models, which include a headboard and footboard, are highly affordable.

Top Brands

Please check back for air mattress and luxury air bed recommendations, or head over to the one of the Walmart's along route 17 in Mount Pleasant to buy a low-cost, low-risk model.

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